our node

shared resources for community technology


Web3 infrastructure is hard to maintain. It's also relatively centralized.

OurNode is a proposal for a community DAO which pools resources to enable increased access to the Web3 ecosystem for developers.

DAO infrastructure itself still simple, so we will start as simply as possible.


There are two ways to get tokens:

1. Donate server resources to the DAO. A server maintainer can earn tokens by being a reliable community member, and consistently providing node infrastructure when it is desired by the DAO members.

2. Donate EDG or DOT tokens to the DAO. Depending on how big the community gets (i.e. how many server maintainers there are, i.e. how much utility the tokens actually have) having tokens will become more useful. This way, incentive exists for more server maintainers to come online, and for early adopters to buy and hold tokens, since they will be more useful in the future.


To access the server resources:

Burn some tokens equivalent in value to the cost incurred by the server maintainer. When you share the proof of burn, you will be given login credentials to use the server for development purposes. If one abuse the resources, you can be penalized by the server maintainer initiating a proposal vote to punish him.

Money can't be withdrawn from the DAO or paid out to anyone, but you can ragequit() whenever you want, just like in Moloch.

our node

For now we can use a simple Discord server to coordinate votes etc.

Join us if you are a Web3 dev or would like to experiment with shared infrastructure!